So the new Kickstarter went well with a promise to complete the 7 new models in 1:56 scale for April 2019.  Scratch building is well under way with nearly all the individual vehicles at least 30% complete.

I've also decided to go ahead and add 3 additional models for release at the same time.

Sherman Firefly

Sherman M4A4

Staghound A/C

M4 Artillery Tractor


Waterline LVT(A)1

M15A1 Combined Gun Motor Carriage

Willys Jeep

M2A2 Half Track

LVT(A) 4

28B32M 2

Once all the Kickstarter backers have got their reward vehicles I will make them available on the website.


I'm also working on a lot of other model railway and wargaming items right now and you will see these gradually introduced to the website over the next months.

In 1:72 there will be Scottish Black houses, cottages, harbour scenery, Bedford OXD, CMP F60L, stone wall sections, brick wall sections, Clyde puffer.

In 1:56 there will be Bedford OXD, cut down Humber 4x4, Looted art work, gunshield for the quad flak gun, bunkers, British folboat.

Thanks again for your support.