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I was wondering how I could incorporate some of the hundreds of wargames vehicles I have into

my OO gauge railway.  The inspiration finally came from watching Combat Dealers on TV. 

So here is my interpretation of a military vehicle dealership THE WAR WAGON.


This company specialise in sourcing rare WW2 vehicles and all sorts of military hardware and collectables.

They  also  restore old vehicles as well as trading in more recently retired trucks and AFV's. The showroom is in the 

process of being set up as a mini museum and will open to the public next year.

Owned by Craig Lindsey an ex Royal Engineer, the company is based in a large yard next to Mardam station

which is now home to the local rail preservation society.  History is being brought to life on both sides of the fence.

The name WAR WAGON is a salute to the John Wayne film of the same name. 


Just some of the amazing treasure trove  of equipment for sale.

200720 40

The boss's 4x4 out front with the new arrival a partial restoration Kubelwagen 

200720 41

Main showroom interior. This project is on going.

200720 42

Some Studebaker trucks and a Bedford OYD in the showroom. 

200720 43

Some WW2 wrecks alongside more modern vehicles.

200720 45

This last image shows the interchangeable base board section for this model as it is prepared for insertion .

06may20 5



Here are the 4 main scales we work in.

1:100 for 15 mm wargames figs.

1:72 for 20 mm wargames figs.

1:76 for OO railways.

1:56 for 28 mm wargames figs.



There are hundreds of manufacturers out there producing all sorts of cool things.

Some figure companys have a wide variance in the actual height of figures produced compared to the size they say they are. It is worth while remembering this when purchasing vehicles, buildings and scenery.

Particularly vehicles. If you were to place 2 identical vehicle types produced by 2 different manufacturers side by side you might well see a marked difference. Whereas each vehicle on its own next to figures might look right. The way round this is never to position the same type of vehicle together from different manufacturers.

However with some items like our packing crates for instance. Some small crates for 28 mm figs can be used as large crates for 20 mm figs. Or large 20mm crates can work as small 28mm ones. Its always worth having a look.



For wargamers some latitude in sizes is acceptable and quite normal but the purist railway modeler working in 4 mm to the foot will be more demanding in their choice. After all you are trying to create a very realistic and accurate model and for this reason we dont make locos or rolling stock. We focus on Accessories and buildings in 1/76 scale. However some of our 1/72 scale wargames models will still work very well in many settings

Many of our items will even look good on an HO (1:87) layout. It just depends on positioning in relation to other models that are close by.

Dimensions for all our models are included on the website under each listing. This allows you to check that the model you are wanting is right for your project before you buy.

This simple table shows the scale/ratio next to the actual mm to the foot size for some of the more popular models around.


MM to the Foot




6 mm wargames figs



6 mm wargames figs



10 mm wargames figs



U.S. and continental N gauge railways



British N gauge railways



12 mm wargames figures



15 mm wargames figures, TT model railways.



15 mm wargames figures



15 mm wargames figures



HO model railways,



OO model railways, 20 mm wargames figures



20 mm wargames figures, OO model railways



28 mm wargames figures



28 mm wargames figures



30/35 mm wargames figures



O gauge model railways, 35/40mm wargames figures



54 mm figures and vehicles

Its topical and never out of the news these days......The scourge of plastics and other household waste.

I set up this wee scene using some of my existing products, concrete bunds, weighbridge, portable cabin, 20ft container, shack, boating pond boat, concrete blocks, log pile and black bags.

The buldozer, trucks and everything else are from my layout anyway.

With the bunds you can create much larger enclosures for sorting out the waste from a town on your own layout. I'll be producing this as a pack ( not the vehicles or figs or fence) of ready items and will make it available very soon. I'll price it so that the bundled items work out cheaper than buying the items individually.  

Have a look and see what you can create using these and other waste related models from us?

18june19 318june19 418june19 5

I'm going to be making lots and lots of spare parts available to buy very soon.

If you are a keen scratch builder or like to convert your models here is a great way to reduce

some of your time and workload.

Packs of wheels, gun turrets, truck backs, tilts, track assemblies and such like.

I'll do some 1:72 scale stuff but most will be 1:56 scale.

Once I have worked out the logistics and prices I'll add them to the website. 

I am also looking at making packs of windows, shutters, chimneys and doors for buildings. 

18june19 1

Some of my 1:56 scale LVT's in action. Here they are up against some Japanese with small naval gun and steel pill box.I am in the process of making .30 cal and .50 cal MG's to go on these and any other vehicles you fancy.

They will be available very soon along with the waterline LVT (A)1  and the new LVT (A)4 with 75mm howitzer.

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